give your senses the ultimate experience at breaking the wheel

as a top restaurant in the chicago loop, tesori chicago is holding a cheese and wine pairing event that is sure to please even the experienced foodie. at breaking the wheel, chef danny sweis will be cracking open a fresh, 80-pound wheel of red cow parmigiano-reggiano cheese that is to be paired with complimentary prosecco and cocktails from sponsor La Marca. this one-of-a-kind occasion is the ideal night out for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life, including premium Italian ingredients. when the event will take place on wednesday, august 26, from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. chef sweis will

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breaking the wheel

join us august 26th as chef danny sweis breaks into a new, eighty-pound wheel of authentic, red cow parmigiano-reggiano cheese. it is produced in italy under the same strict regimen that has made it “the king of the cheeses” for over six hundred years. the taste and aroma of a freshly-broken wheel of parmigiano-reggiano is fleeting. its buttery texture, notes of nuttiness and sweet fruit are all but gone after a mere thirty minutes. it’s a must-do experience for anyone who values real italian ingredients. to complement the event, we’ll be tasting prosecco and cocktails from our sponsor, La Marca, as well

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#tesorigram pizza party

  at tesori, we’re truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you. we love concocting delicious italian-inspired meals and mixing some of the best drinks in chicago, and it really brings us joy to see the look on satisfied diners’ faces at the end of a meal. we want to say thank you for choosing tesori, so starting this week, we’re giving you the chance to win a free pizza party for 6 – simply by posting a picture to instagram. how do i enter? it’s easy – all you have to do is post a picture of your favorite

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a brief history of italian cuisine

with human occupation dating back 40,000 years, the italian peninsula has a long, rich human heritage. it has been conquered, invaded, and re-conquered, with each new settlement bringing a whole new set of cultural influence, customs, and, of course, food. at tesori, we love italian food in all its forms, so for this blog, we’re going to give you a (very) brief rundown of the history that italian cuisine and how it arrived where it is today. prehistoric origins while modern humans first crossed the alps into italy as early as 40,000 ago, the first truly influential food culture in

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