whiskey history and old-fashioned legacy at tesori trattoria and bar

it’s 1871, chicago is up in flames from the Great Fire and James Gore of local whiskey brand Chapin & Gore orders barrels of whiskey to be rolled into the lake to protect it from fire and looters, summoning his boston predecessors and their infamous tea campaign. one hundred years later, this scene could bring a tear to any whiskey lover’s eye, but as chicago rose from the fire that year, so did barrels of whiskey that would turn its owners James “Jim” Gore and Gardner Spring Chapin into local legends. campaigns of extreme sometimes do work in your favor.

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Cuisine of Veneto: Traditional Dishes With Distinct Flavors

filled with breathtaking architecture, winding canals, and delicious cuisine, it’s obvious why venice is one of the world’s bucket list destinations. in this month’s #tourofitaly, we explored simple, old-world venetian dishes, that are heavily influenced by its geographical location. venetian cuisine venice is surrounded by one of the richest bodies of water in the mediterranean, the venetian lagoon, which lies between the italian mainland and adriatic sea. therefore, meals often include a variety of fish and shellfish seasoned with ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, garlic and parsley. the cuisine of veneto centers around cod, sardines, eels and shellfish. traditionally,

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