5 must-try pizza toppings for national pizza month

there are plenty of food-related holidays that we love, but october truly takes the cake – or rather, pie. october is national pizza month, an entire month dedicated to savoring pizza, one of the most universally loved dishes of italian cuisine. at tesori, we’ll be celebrating all month long, so we encourage you to stop by our restaurant after a long day at the office or with some friends on the weekend to enjoy our pizza. while classic toppings, such as sausage, pepperoni, and cheese, are always savory and delicious, a true pizza aficionado knows that there are endless ways

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cuisine of piemont: bold red wines, delicate truffles and beef

if southern italy is known for its red sauces and zesty spice, italy’s northern region of piedmont offers a different approach to classic italian food with white truffles, cream sauce, bold red wines and their famous piedmont beef highlighting the menu. home to the empire of eataly and a dedication to the slow food movement, piedmont’s influence of neighboring countries france and switzerland, its bountiful terrori and ingredient rich landscape set against the striking backdrop of the Alpine mountains provides an experience that is uniquely northern italy. in this month’s #tourofitaly, we explored italy’s newest food capital, piedmont, and its

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