Pizza: A Brief Slice of Culinary History

A Brief Story of Pizza

italy has long staked claim to the pizza as we know it. the most popular origin story and the one to arguably put pizza on the culinary map is the story of the margherita — the common tomato, basil and mozzarella combination presented to Margherita of Savoy in Naples in 1861 during a trip to the newly unified southern region of italy. tired of the french haute cuisine she had been eating, the pizza was apparently an instant hit; the margherita, and pizza, was born. more than 4,000 miles away in america, italians flocking to the promised land for factory

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neapolitan cuisine: rural ingredients, pasta and seafood dishes

neapolitan & campanian cuisine few regions of italy typify italian cuisine quite like naples & campania. naples has centuries of cultural and culinary history, predating even rome itself, and many of the most iconic Italian dishes originated in the kingdom of naples and larger campania. at tesori, we take pride in creating our fresh, modern take on classic italian cuisine, but we know the importance of our historical roots. many of our favorite dishes on our menu owe their inspiration to classic neapolitan or campania recipes, so for our next #tourofitaly, we’ll cover the culinary styling and history of the

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