italy for the holidays: feast of the seven fishes

during the holidays, dinners with coworkers, family and friends abound. everyday meals are elevated to opportunities to slow down for an hour or two and give thanks for special people in our lives. many of the holiday meals we share today can be traced back decades and centuries to cultural and religious observances. for italian-americans, one such meal is the feast of the seven fishes. this celebration traces its roots to the vigil or la vigilia, an italian christmas eve feast of seafood and fish. on this night, italians gather with family and friends to eat, play games, attend mass,

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sardinian cuisine: diverse cultural influences & signature flavor

the island of sardinia has had a long and colorful history. over the years, control of the island has passed through the hands of romans, spaniards, italians, carthaginians, byzantines, arabs, and even vandals – leading to a vastly diverse culinary tradition. starting from agro-pastoral roots, sardinian shepherds required simple food that was easily transportable and stayed fresh in both hot and cold conditions, which means preserved meats, cheeses, and dry breads feature prominently. additionally, sardinian cuisine contains a bit of a paradox: an island cuisine that doesn’t prominently feature seafood. the sardinian coastline was pummeled by attacks throughout its history,

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