celebrate italy’s liberation day

for americans, april 25th is just another tuesday. but halfway around the world, italians everywhere will be celebrating. why? april 25th is italy’s festa della liberazione, or liberation day: a national holiday dedicated to their liberation. this year, ceremonies will be held to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of liberation day, one of the most celebrated public holidays in the nation.

liberation day origins

if we rewind the clock to 1945, italy was a country in peril. while italian fascist leader benito mussolini was out of power, the fascist government still maintained primary control of italy,an invasion by germany to prevent an armistice between italy and the allies meant that italy was largely occupied by nazi forces. that said, the government and the occupying powers were weakened by years of war, and the resistance movement was as strong as it had ever been.

parades, patriotism, and national pride

today, liberation day is a day of national remembrance, pride, and honor for the fighters of the resistance. while most businesses are closed, many cities hold parades and political rallies to mark the day and remember the sacrifices of the people who fought for italy’s freedom. when in comes to cuisine, there aren’t particular dishes associated with the holiday, but as a day marked by national pride, you’re sure to find traditional cuisine like biscotti, insalata primavera (spring salad), or a milanese.

celebrate festa della liberazione with tesori chicago

at tesori, we like to celebrate la festa della liberazione the same way we like to celebrate all things: with delicious italian-inspired cuisine and a handmade cocktail from the tesori bar like our barrels in the lake cocktail, which has its own storied history from chicago’s early days. if you’d like to find out more about liberation day or sample the foods of italy for yourself, we invite you to book a reservation online. we’ll show you the food that makes italy such a delicious place – and the proud history that its cuisine comes from.

barrels in the lake

2 oz. FEW rye whiskey
.25 oz cinnamon simple syrup
3 dashes Thai bitters
1 cherry and 1 grapefruit

muddle cherry and a slice of the grapefruit in a rocks glass. add ice, Thai bitters, cinnamon simple syrup and FEW rye whisky.
stir all ingredients until chilled and garnish with an orange peel.


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