craft beer destinations in the windy city

at tesori, we provide our guests with authentic, italian-inspired cuisine paired with a classic whiskey cocktail or our very own handcrafted cocktails. if there’s anything we love more that great italian food and cocktails, it’s chicago’s world-class craft beer. we want our guests, and anyone else visiting chicago, to enjoy the rich beer history of the city. below, you’ll find some of tesori’s favorite stops in town that are perfect for beer enthusiasts everywhere.

the history of chicago craft beer

craft brewing in chicago started from humble beginnings, now competing with craft brew giants portland and san francisco. in 1833, when chicago was still a small frontier village, they had two taverns that would brew enough beer to serve to passers by and locals. as the city expanded, so did their breweries. when larger breweries crept onto the scene in the 1880s and 1890s, another threat emerged: prohibition. during this time, chicago’s craft brewers made cereal beers, a non-alcoholic brew. unfortunately, craft brewers of the time still couldn’t make a name for themselves and craft breweries in chicago soon became extinct. chicago didn’t see another local microbrew until goose island brewing company opened up in 1988, reigniting chicago’s microbrew culture. since then, the windy city has over 60 microbreweries, nano-breweries, and brewpubs.

must-try microbrews in chicago

whether you’re visiting the windy city or are a local exploring the craft brew scene, there are a few go-to breweries we highly recommend:

  • goose island brewery: a chicago craft beer list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning goose island. any of their beers are delicious and can be found at almost any restaurant in the city or at their original brewpub in lincoln park.
  • revolution brewing company: another classic namesake in chicago microbrews. started by former employees at goose island, revolution brewing makes dozens of different beers from ipas to porters and can be found throughout the city, including the map room in bucktown.
  • pipeworks brewing company: with beer names like blood of the unicorn you can expect some interesting and fun beers out of pipeworks. this brewery is still pretty small but you might be lucky to catch some of their beers around the city.

chicago craft beer week

in may, over 300 venues around the city open their doors to craft beer nerds and novices alike to share their love of craft beers. some of 2016’s highlights included the opening event “beer under glass” at the garfield park conservatory, and a beer tasting festival housed inside the conservatories greenhouses. chicago craft beer week 2017 has not been announced, but keep your calendar open this may.

stop by tesori for fine italian food and great beers

to try some of chicago’s best italian dining and craft beers visit tesori. we also have a great selection of wine, and our bartenders make some of the best cocktails in chicago. give us a call at 312-786-9911 or use our opentable form to make a reservation for lunch, dinner, or drinks. we look forward to serving you soon.


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