emilia-romagna – home of prosciutto, parmigiano-reggiano, and northern italian flavor

at tesori, we love food, and we especially love italian food. it’s why we put so much attention into selecting the finest ingredients, crafting the most authentic italian recipes, and turning every meal on our menu into a taste of old-world italy. one of the things we love most about italian food isn’t just the flavor, but the history – every flavor, ingredient, and dish has a rich cultural and geographical history that spans hundreds of years, generations of people, and thousands of miles. one of the most important regions in italian culinary history is emilia-romagna: the heart of northern italian food.

italy’s most famous meat

emilia-romagna boasts some of the richest, most distinctive ingredients in all of italian cuisine – and one of our favorites is prosciutto. pigs have been raised in emilia-romagna for more than three millennia, and this long agricultural history has begot one of italy’s most well-known cured meats. prosciutto makes the most of the naturally rich taste of ham, serving its savory flavor in thin slices for a dish that’s equally at home with greens or in a heavy sandwich. at tesori, we’re proud to use authentic italian prosciutto di parma that showcases all the flavors of northern italy – perfect as an ingredient in our chef’s antipasto or as a standalone complement to any meal on our menu.

a taste known round the world

but perhaps the most well-known ingredient from emilia-romagna is parmigiano-reggiano, the classic italian cheese that’s come to embody italian cuisine the world over. in fact, emilia-romagna is the only region with legal title to make parmigiano-reggiano, making it the only place in the world that it is produced. parmigiano-reggiano is incredible at any age, but many don’t realize the true complexity of its flavor. that’s because it only maintains its full taste for about 30 minutes after its wheel is initially cut. during this time, it has a sweetness, nuttiness, and depth of character unlike any other cheese on the planet. to experience the full extent of its flavor, we’d recommend attending one of our breaking the wheel events – but for every day experiences, we’d go with our tagliatelle.

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ready to experience the flavors of emilia-romagna for yourself? we’d love to show them to you. feel free to call us at 312-786-9911, reach out to us at our contact page, or use our easy online form to book a reservation at our chicago loop neighborhood restaurant. we can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to seeing you back at this blog for more on italian history, culture, and cuisine.


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