healthy lunch recipes to boost work productivity

we’ve all been there before. you start the new year committed to a new diet, hoping to overhaul your fitness routine and make 2017 your best year yet. then, after a few very long workdays, you forget to pack a lunch – or, maybe that soggy pb&j just looks inedible. stressed and exhausted from an already long work week, you cave and opt for a quick burger and fries for lunch – and there goes your diet.

eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. in fact, it can taste pretty awesome! here are a few delicious lunch ideas you can take to work in 2017 to make this your healthiest year yet.

healthy lunch ideas for work

a diet doesn’t have to be a drag. pack these lunches in your briefcase and we guarantee even the people who ordered out for lunch are going to be jealous!

  • arugula, sour cherry, and wild rice salad: arugula is a healthy green and cherries are packed with antioxidants, plus the wild rice makes this salad filling and provides long-lasting energy.
  • wheat berry salad with blood orange & feta: if you’ve never heard of a wheat berry, well, you’re in luck. this whole grain salad packs the punch of citrus and creamy feta for a wholesome, deliciously healthy lunch.
  • collard green wraps: most people know collard greens only in the chopped up, soupy form – but it turns out, the wide-leaved greens are perfect for making tortilla-free wraps that make an ideal work lunch.
  • build-your-own burrito bowl: make all those Chipotle-goers jealous with this delicious burrito bowl recipe – and save money while you’re at it!
  • farro & kale salad: farro? kale? pomegranate? delicious! this salad combines the superfood of kale with the filling super grain of farro for an unbeatable winter salad.

simple tips for workplace wellness

simple tips for workplace wellness

staying healthy doesn’t stop at just food, though. if you’re committed to a healthier you in 2017, follow these tips to keep your lifestyle body-friendly at the workplace:

  • take breaks: research shows that sitting is the new smoking, and there’s good reason for that. it turns out that sitting in an uncomfortable chair and staring at a screen for eight hours a day does take a toll on our bodies, and over time, that effect can add up. this year, work on taking regular stretch breaks to get up, walk around, and move your body. try to take a break every hour or so to give your body necessary rest.
  • drink up: dehydration is another major problem for most office workers. pick up a 1-liter water bottle, then bring that to work. if you can, try to drink 3 liters a day. you’ll also be giving your body the hydration it needs to thrive, which will help boost your level of alertness and productivity at work.
  • skip the candy: we all have the coworker who keeps a candy bowl on their desk – but unfortunately, those little candy snacks add up. if you know someone who keeps candy on their desk, walk around their desk to avoid the temptation. even small candies can add up to hundreds of extra calories a day.
  • check your posture: we’ve all heard of ergonomics, but if you want to make 2017 your healthiest year, it’s time to start taking them seriously. take a good hard look at the positioning of your head, neck, and shoulders when you’re seated at work. if you find yourself hunched over or straining – even the slightest bit – it’s time to change your setup.
  • take a vacation: here’s one we all want to hear! this year, make a point to incorporate rest into your work routine. taking time to relax, unwind, and recharge is healthy for both body and mind – so don’t be afraid to use those vacation days.

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