indulge with dionysos and the art institute

dionysos—known as bacchus to the romans—cavorted with an entourage of satyrs, the god pan, and frenzied maenads, female followers of the god. all these devotees represented the untamed and hedonistic desires of humanity, which were unleashed by the intoxicating elixir of wine. because performance was a part of the early greek festivals of dionysos, he also became known as the patron god of theater, an aspect of the deity that is less well known today.

today, dionysos is celebrated at tesori for the new dionysos unmasked exhibit. from now to february 15, 2016, enjoy in dionysos’ delight with a special pairing available all day. visitors to tesori may indulge in an antipasti platter with carafe of wine (red or white) for $40. the communal dining experience reflects the dionysian feasts of the ancient world, complete with wine accompaniment.

Dionysos Unmasked: Ancient Sculpture and Early Prints at the Art Institute dionysos' delight: tesori's antipasti platter and carafe of wine to celebrate the history and culture surrounding dionysos


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