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groups of 4+ receive a complimentary pizza with bar tab of $20 and up


monday–friday, 4–6pm saturday & sunday, 1–3pm monday: $10 pizza & any beer tuesday: $5 select wine on tap wednesday: $6 select wine by the glass thursday: $5 select specialty cocktails friday: $5 sangria by the glass saturday & sunday: $10 pizza & select wine by the glass

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Latest News and Events
  1. Nov 25

    throwback to one of the greatest movies of all time for the CSO’s performance of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in Concert with a special peanut butter filled ravioli with salted peanuts, reece’s pieces crumble and sugo ciocoolato.

  2. Nov 25 – 31

    cheer’s to drinking good beer and doing good at the same time! starting black friday, we are partnering with Zero % for our “local beer & holiday cheer” promotion. for every local beer sold, we will donate $1 to the organization to help in their food donation efforts.

  3. Dec 19 – 23

    Feast of Seven Fishes — to honor an italian tradition, we are once again bringing back our feast of seven fishes celebration. this year includes a special 7-course tasting menu from chef ysaguirre.